Artist Takeover: Saffron Sessions (Behind The Scenes) – China Bowls

The weekly Artist Takeover of our newly signed artists have begun! This consists of a week per artist where exclusive behind the scenes insight into our signed artists will be shared via social media and digital platforms. From live behind the scenes updates of their first Saffron Sessions and first person accounts of their musical influences, these will be exclusives not to miss – follow @SaffronRecords on Twitter and Instagram.

To kick off my Artist Takeover: Meet China Bowls week I’ve been all over Bristol. From a live radio session on BCFM on Monday to my first Saffron Sessions in Mr Wolf’s, which was covered by Made in Bristol’s Jamie Lowe. Check out below the Twitter feed of the week so far and see all I’ve been up to!

Then we rolled over to Mr Wolf’s to record my first ever live Saffron Sessions with my festival band which includes drummer Connor Spring and bassist Dan Plimmer. Later in the day Made in Bristol’s Jamie Lowe came down to check it all out with an interview and a few games, where I got to tweet from his Twitter whenever I got an answer right. Here’s what happened:

Sooo with all that said…

For an indepth insight into China Bowls as an artist and creative check out her post from earlier in the week, her Saffron Picks playlist, and to find out more about our newly signed artists check out this.

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