China Bowls drops her mesmerising debut E.P / Talk


Today is the wonderful day! We are so happy to announce that Talk, China Bowls’ debut E.P. is out and about, being listened to by all the luckiest ears!

This is from today (3rd October) on all the big ones – Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Soundcloud.

Listen now on Itunes

Talk weaves tales of life experiences, unfolding into an artwork which evokes, comforts and uplifts.

With an infectious neo soul jazz vibe, experimental hip-hop influences and just a hint of gypsy swing, China Bowls has played across the country, from Colston Hall to Glastonbury, Boomtown and Bestival. She’s a storyteller in her own right and delivers both extensive solo sets and dynamic full band performances.

Talk follows from her recent record signing to the Saffron label earlier this year, which has seen her working closely with her prolific and eclectic mentor Eva Lazarus.

Mesmerising vocals and beautifully crafted lyrics from an artist that you should know about already. A top quality performer”

– Eva Lazarus

China Bowls delivers poignant tales of the fragility of human relationships, and the strength that comes from self realisation. Talk playfully delivers insight into emotional liberation whilst staying true to her infectious sound.

Opening with insight into China Bowls’s mature optimism, Wonder breaks into a chorus of powerful clarity. With Mr. Woodnote featuring on sax, it tests, alleviates and thaws the heart. Written in response to a conflict, title track Talk reflects on how we seek approval from those we shouldn’t. This winding melody adds a pinch of uptempo spice and sass in moments of self-doubt. Stay is a testament to her fearless lyricism. Embracing vulnerability, a raw exposure of feelings of loss, and despair, it reminds us of the importance of grief and being vulnerable in the process of rebuilding happiness.

“A stunning voice, unique and luminous! China’s compositions are elegantly arranged and performed, we are very much looking forward to more of this and to following her career.”

– Mr. Woodnote

chinabowl-5-1Talk Credits:

Songs written by China Bowls

Vocals and Guitar: China Bowls

Drums: Connor Spring

Bass: Dan Plimmer

Keys: Hal Sutherland

Sax: Mr Woodnote

Recorded by Ben Angel & Free House Studios

Cover design by Jasmine Thompson

Mixed by Sam Dyson

Mastered by Max Gilkes


 “It has been really nice hearing the songs grow from writing them by myself to playing them with the band. I hope people hear some of the joy that has been felt throughout the whole process.”

– China Bowls

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