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Bristol Plays Music and MixRadio have partnered up to produce Switch, a groundbreaking new series of monthly free events at Colston Hall. Launching the series in style, there were performances from Phresh Boiiz, Redders and Lady Leshurr headlining.

In partnership with Bristol Plays Music, youth-focused organisations such as Saffron Records, Rife Magazine, Gal-Dem Zine and Ujima Radio were interviewing the incredible woman herself with the notion of imparting lesser known facts about Lady Leshurr, giving insight into what makes Leshurr the determined artist she is.

The day started off a little calmer than expected. Our Lady Leshurr x Switch playlist was getting us hyped in the office as we finalised our interview preparations. Colston Hall seemed to have the same idea. Before we knew it Leshurr was also booming through the concert hall’s foyer as they set up for the night. Grime blasting through the Colston Hall? We were loving it.

The Rife Magazine and Gal-Dem crew soon joined and despite trying to calm ourselves down before the interview there was still a substantial amount of caffeinated sleep-deprived energy buzzing through the room. Not long after we set up Lady Leshurr arrived bang on time – well, thirty minutes early, actually – so, much to everyone’s relief, things went pretty smoothly thereon.

We were very aware from the get-go that we wanted to produce an interactive interview, one that didn’t just seem to resemble the same overused questions that are often regurgitated all over the internet. From Rife getting her to freestyle to random objects in a bag, Gal-Dem playing word association games to images and our eighteen facts you don’t know about Lady Leshurr, we collaboratively produced insights into both her fun-loving and talented self.

Our interviews weren’t the only thing getting exclusives from the Queen. There was also a Q&A session opened up to young artists and music students, which was a great opportunity to truly gain insight into Lady Leshurr as both an artist and an individual. One audience member in particular, JJ, also found out what we’ve all been dying to know – what toothpaste DOES Lady Leshurr use? Well, Ladies and Gentleman, it is confirmed: Leshurr was previously on the Colgate bandwagon but had #SWITCHed things up for Boca. There were a few buzzled faces in the audience but Leshurr soon explained it as “the toothpaste all the celebrities use”.

Check out our interview with the incredible woman herself! It comes in two parts: eighteen facts you don’t know about Lady Leshurr and one-on-one with Lady Leshurr, which includes more in depth insight into both her fun-loving and talented self. We look forward to spotlighting more remarkable artists so stay tuned!

Lady Leshurr 101 Playlist (Part #1 and #2):




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