China Bowls’ Debut E.P. Talk / Review

Mustafa Mirreh, owner of music blog The Flux Presents and writer for Bristol Live Magazine, came along to our exclusive preview gig of China Bowls’ upcoming debut E.P. Talk. Blown away by her performance at St. Georges, he offered to write a review for her upcoming E.P. Here’s what he had to say:

China Bowls is an artist who showcases a sound and stage presence like no other. Delivering an infectious blend of neo soul jazz, blues, indie and hip-hop, Bowls captures many people’s hearts with her honest story telling and enriching genre influences.

Mentored by breakthrough artist Eva Lazarus, China has developed both her live and audio sound, showcasing an extensive range of solo sets and dynamic full band performances. China Bowls has just wrapped up an exciting festival season across the country, featuring performances at Glastonbury, Larmer Tree, Brisfest and Bestival. With the autumn season now in full swing, the singer-songwriter is preparing for the release of her debut EP Talk through Saffron Records on 3rd October.


Talk is China Bowls first body of work to be released through the label and already it exceeds many expectations. Consisting of three songs, we get a beautifully honest insight into an artist who’s got much talent to offer. Supported by her full band, Bowls sound is incredibly crisp and lucid, moulding both instruments and vocals to form an eclectic listening experience. Opening with the mesmerising Wonder, Bowls’ jazz-infused soundscapes compliment the calm and clarity of her words, resulting in a equally mature and precise presentation. Title track Talk follows suit; the silky bass lines, scattering drums and glittering strings graceful supporting Bowls’ lush vocals that evolve towards the end with more sass and twang. Final song Stay is arguable the standout, with just an electric guitar and vocals, we see China Bowls at her most vulnerable as the story touches on the subject of losing something close to you before overcoming that difficult loss into happiness. Sharp, commanding and poignant, reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse.

Talk offers a fine glimpse into China Bowls, with music that’s filled with passion, honesty, rawness and integrity. With such a dynamic presence, there’s no doubt Bowls will continue to develop and establish herself in the music industry.

– Mustafa Mirreh

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