Saffron Picks: Conehlani La Havas

Downtime is important and sometimes you just need music to help ease you into that cathartic state. Well, we’re hear for you!

Sit back, chill and relax to these gems. 

Nadine Ijewere

Laura Lewis–Paul, Creative Director:

Connie Constance is a 20-year-old singer song writer from London. Connie has a unique style and is captivating with her mature lyrics and independent and effortless creative control. Releasing this track ‘Stars’ just two months ago, she takes you to a completely different universe, with hypnotic production and a moody sense of escapism. The abstract video gives an immerse feeling of being young and carefree, yet having the weight of the world on your shoulders with lyrics like “looking for a clearer path, mouth wide open coz I’m tired of the past, wanna leave earth and learn to live on mars”

Emma Blake Morsi, Digital Marketing Apprentice:

For me, Lianne La Havas represents when an artist is unapologetically themselves. Whenever she sings it’s very much like she’s sharing a piece of herself with you. With such a diverse vocal range she is able to both feature on powerful summer-loving songs with Tourist as well as producing elegantly soft and tender coos in live acoustic sessions. Yet, each time she still represents an authenticity to herself that is unmatched by many – the song style can change, but La Havas is consistent. So, it’s no surprise to us that she has also recently been gramminated, coined by the singer herself.

Naomi Siobhan Harris, A&R Apprentice:

This week i have been listening to Kehlani. To me she is so inspirational and definitely someone to keep an eye on. Kehlani originally started with dancing ballet, but lost it all when her knee collapsed. Luckily, being blessed with both musical and practical dancing talent, she could then go onto singing.

“My aunt used to play me loads of powerful women and love songs, i couldn’t get enough of it, it felt right to sing from the moment i began”.

I personally love her because she started off with nothing, not even her parents there to support her, and is now on all the big screens and showing she has much more then a pretty face to give – but attitude, style and raw music and talent. Coming from the city of Oakland she is very lucky to be noticed and admired by people as far as Bristol, and the rest of the world. 


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