Saffron Picks: Lady Leshurr Switches It Up

If you have been keeping up with Bristol Plays Music and MixRadio you’ll know this Friday is the launch of Switch, the ground-breaking new series of free events at Colston Hall, featuring the one and only Lady Leshurr!

In honour of this empowering woman we have dedicated our first Staff Picks to Lady Leshurr. Are our faves your faves? Let us know!

Naomi Siobhan Harris, A&R Apprentice:

“How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?”

Lady Leshurr is Birmingham’s crazy, urban, meticulous female artist, with so much charisma going for her. Taking the UK by storm with her conscientious music, bringing style and so much more to the music industry, her flow is definitely one to watch out for. With great support all around her she’s doing it for the ladies. When you hear the words ‘Queen speech‘ you think of a little old lady standing and boring people but Lady Leshurr comes out with fire in her voice – she completely captivates and mesmerises her audience with her individuality and her balance of clever lyrics and rhymes; she doesn’t ever sound messy, everything flows amazingly. Leshurr’s talent is raw and distinguished and you can tell her voice from a mile away. She is like no other and carries her own style and uniqueness brilliantly. The UK has so much to be proud about when it comes to her, she is bringing the women out who may be scared to emcee or rap and showing them there is clearly nothing to be afraid of!!!!

Laura Lewis–Paul, Creative Director:

“I’m a chick, so I get a birds eye view” at 0:39 was when I was sold.

Lady Leshurr and Lady Lykez freestyling with DJ Melody Kane on the decks for Charlie Sloths Fire in the Booth represents her ridiculously captivating flow. Every time I see her she demonstrates such determination and independence – basically the perfect role model for the next generation of artists. She destroys the perceptions of the music industry, which can be so heavily overloaded by the male dominance, and offers the sass and intelligence that she is creating on the grime scene. This is why she was able to turn down a record deal with Atlantic Records US “because she didn’t like the way it was pitched”.

…So I have just had to beg Emma, our Digital Marketing apprentice, to let me choose one more. Thankfully she allowed me to be indecisive as it means I can let everyone know how much I love this one. This is a massive throwback for me as it instantly takes me to my childhood when my dad would listen to Sister Nancy and then whip me right up to my teenage years with Missy Elliot, another one of my Noughties idols – she sets this bar high:

Emma Blake Morsi, Digital Marketing Apprentice:

For me it’s not always about focusing on an artist’s current releases. I like to look back at their old stuff and see what stories and journeys they have gone through to be the star they are. For Lady Leshurr I wanted to share old bangers and the irony isn’t lost on me how that was limited because of a hack three years ago that resulted in all her YouTube content being wiped and Leshurr having to rebuild her platform. When it came to selecting a track I was massively torn between showcasing what has materialised from her resilient strength to form the Madting she now is or sharing one that showed this potential from years ago. Call it a throwback if you will, but even the video gasses me up. Brush your teeth, whack up the volume and kick of your slippers to this one.

P.S Try not to skank to this, tryyyyy it – I dare you. 

Can’t do it? Same.


We’re interviewing the one and only on this big day so gather up the crew and book yourself a free space via the Facebook event page here.

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