Saffron Picks: Ivory Cara Banks


With three days until Christmas it can be easy to forget that there is a whole world out there with music that doesn’t include the mention of elves, reindeers, gifts and wishlists.

At Saffron we’re always there to remain grounded and with this we have spotlighted a few artists we feel follow through in delivering music that reflects this integrity.

Laura Lewis–Paul, Creative Director:

Beware this video may make you want to disregard any compliance with patriarchal leadership, with it’s sarcastic undertone towards male dominance. Poison Ivory‘s Mr Wonderful has a sarcastic presentation of men in power with lyrics like “Baby you’re so handsome with authority all in your head, all in your mind, now you’re back lining up your regimen”

This song is only to be listened on the heaviest sound-system whilst bumping down an American highway. There is an ongoing reggae-infused beat produced by JMG that contrasts her eerie atmospheric tones.

The Neon green and yellow wig with a Hawain shirt and heels set’s the scene of this edgily styled video by Zae Bear. Poison Ivory, an American recording artists and illustrator, enhances our musical experience by accompanying her music with an aesthetically-creative video, so that people remember her as an artist described as Candy Clown Reggae, Hip Hop Emo Rasta and erasing her past style and alias of Krys Ivory.

Naomi Siobhan Harris, A&R Apprentice:

I was watching an episode of Made In Chelsea when a feature of Banks‘s song Brain played in one of the scenes and I had to go on the hunt for whatever that song was – and that’s when I discovered Banks! Banks is my Saffron Picks this week. She has such a unique style, her music is so captivating and different to other artists. Personally I would say I am strictly a Rap girl, so to listen to Banks she must be doing something that’s different in the best way.
Her music always gets me through a bad day because her messages are so strong and meaningful; they are often about being resilient and becoming self-reliant. Not all of her songs are love songs, and the ones that are aren’t soppy love songs which focus on missing someone and wanting them back. Better yet, her songs tend to be inspirational and empowering, or talks about the underlining feelings, like in BrainAlways trying to calculate trying to look smart but not too smart to threaten anything they say” . It’s about knowing that you are badass but as women we live in a society where we’re often made to feel inferior. She has such strong lyrics and I struggle to get through a bad mood without her. So, are you missing someone? Let Banks talk you through it.

Emma Blake Morsi, Digital Marketing Apprentice:

You know when you love a song so much you make a conscious decision to regularly sacrifice your aural pleasure in order to not repeat it again and again and again, so it continues to remain special? From the moment I heard Alessia Cara‘s Here I was already aware I’d need to check myself. Her lyrics speak deeply to those who relate to those moments of introverted contentment, when you’re somewhere you don’t want to be and would “rather be somewhere with my people” where you can “kick it and just listen to some music with the message and we’ll discuss our big dreams, how we plan to take over the planet”. Whilst her other tracks haven’t struck a chord so strongly in this same way – close your eyes and you kind of hear Bieber – her self-reflective confidence at this age alone seems incredibly promising and I’m hoping to see more content like this from her.

Like exquisite champagne, know not to rush and overplay this tune but to sip and savour every play:


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