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“As important as it is to be forward-thinking I have always been the kind of person who would eventually return to old favourites” . In our latest #SaffronPicks we’re both spotlighting music that has various generational influences as well as throwing it back like nobody’s business. Tweet us your old favourites via @saffronrecords.

Laura Lewis–Paul, Creative Director:

Indiana-based producer Jlin takes influence from her home city Gary and Chicago with this footwork track Unknown Tongues. Talking about her latest album Dark Energy, Jlin says that this album took all her life to make and you can hear so many influences from her journey from both a dark and light perspective. Although some have described her music as “staging an interrogation” I feel as though Jlin’s vocal snippets are infectious, especially when accompanying glitchy, angular rugged beats. She uses rhythmic kick drums alongside the simplicity of silence and elegance with the Chinese Erhu Violin. Jlin no longer uses samples, so her tracks are composed of original material, check it out for yourself:

Emma Blake Morsi, Digital Marketing Apprentice:

New year, new tunes, right? As important as it is to be forward-thinking I have always been the kind of person who would eventually return to ‘old’ favourites for that comfort and reliable feels which you know a certain song will guarantee.  And whilst I had originally chosen another song for our second 2016 Saffron Picks – stay tuned for the next one – I just kept going back to this song and I’m no longer going to fight it. Milo & Otis, self-proclaimed as ‘Adventure Soul’, are another Chicago-based duo who produce the most ethereal songs, from working with Chance the Rapper to making your heart melt in the most beautiful way. I don’t even need to write much. Need a little bit of joy in your life? Sit back and watch the music video, which – surprise, surprise – is also beautiful.

Naomi Siobhan Harris, A&R Apprentice:

My staff pick this week is Aaliyah. She was such a beautiful inspiring singer that was sadly taken from us so young and so fresh into her career. We all know there would be amazing things coming and coming from this woman if she was still here. From a young age Aaliyah knew she wanted to sing, so her influential and supportive parents helped her on the way to embark her dream as a singer! For her to release her first album at fourteen and having her single Back and forth win over the charts, everyone was anticipating more from the young star. She was such a loving kind woman, from showing her face at events for charity and helping out with choirs to just being an everyday young girl with a dream and ambition living life way beyond her years. Sadly her life was cut short in 2001 when a plane crash killed her and many others on board the flight; which to this day will always be memorable as the day we lost a very beautiful, talented woman who, if she was still here today, would no doubt still be as loved and appreciated worldwide:

Lily Waring, Intern:

Most of the music I listen to predates the 2000s, but Girlpool add a newer sound to my older tastes. They are a two-piece folk punk band from LA and whilst nodding to the 90s riot grrrl sound I love, the pared back acoustic nature of their music means they are my choice for those laid back moments. They manage to marry together almost child-like innocence in their videos with the angsty, fight-the-system attitude of their lyrics – Plants and Worms and Before The World Was Big are great examples of this. I feel like they would have been listened to on repeat through my teenage years had they been around:

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