Saffron Picks: Rhi-Anne Kaiyote

It’s 2016 and that means bigger and better thaaangs. Whilst we’re forever spotlighting artists who are female and diversifying all our music libraries, we are always on the look out to share music from upcoming artists and personal faves. So, check out our latest Saffron Picks and get at us at @saffronrecords to share your faves too.

Laura Lewis–Paul, Creative Director:

In every aspect of what they create the levels of creativity from this band blows my mind. Although I would describe as Neo Soul, Hiatus Kaiyote’s Breathing Underwater is a recent Grammy Award winner for best R&B song. Breathing Underwater, along with their other music, has a very complex sound with multiple key changes, layers of intricacy and sophisticated arrangement. Nai Palm (Naomi Saalfield), front woman, has a strong sense of identity which compliments the mash up of layers and Jazzy undertones spilled out through her creations. 

Breathing Underwater is a homage to the “different examples of love and compassion in the world that are beyond the limitation of romance”, says Palm. The Jericho Rose, an African resurrection plant that can survive dormant without water for more than a century but blooms within minutes after rain, is used as an symbol to depict thisNai Palm’s quote adds even more significance to the already harmonious and mesmerising video of Breathing Underwater

The album “Choose your Weapons” is one not to miss. 

Emma Blake Morsi, Digital Marketing Apprentice:

Feel like 2016 will be the year of more female rappers being given a spotlight platform – after all,  helllllo, Saffron Records! With a fresh track for the new year too, Anne-Marie’s new release Do It Right comes with an aesthetically pleasing video that holds a lot of promise of great things to come. Its chilled undertones with her combined rapping and singing carries the song well; you’ll catch yourself singing along without even noticing. Excited to see what else comes from Anne-Marie in the upcoming year, so check out this bad boy:

Naomi Siobhan Harris, A&R Apprentice:

Rihanna is the most Influential person to me. She has been slaying the music game for such a long time and has so much passion and drive. There is nothing about her I don’t like, I love her style, her mannerisms. She has brought out seven studio albums during her time of fame, which is pretty much one a year. Most people know Rihanna is a strong-minded woman, she never fails to please her fans with her crazy ways and knows what she wants. She is so driven in her profession it’s such a beautiful thing to witness someone so deserving go so far, to put the work in and succeed. Rihanna’s world tour has taken us by storm, playing in venues in the US and UK, which is very exciting for us over here. Rihanna has never failed her fans; she always stays so on point, always doing things and hasn’t disappeared and left us wondering when she is coming back to give us more. I think this queen will be reigning for a long time! 

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