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Want to share your music with the world? Want to get involved with Saffron Records and join our family? Have a look at the options below.

Getting Signed

We’re looking to develop young female talent one empowered woman at a time. If you would like to get signed to a progressive, supportive and developmental label, we’d love to hear from you at

Share your music with us here; links from Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud, and MP3s are all welcome. If you do not have access to internet, don’t worry! Call us on 0117 204 7191 and we can arrange an informal catch up.


If you are enthusiastic, musical-minded and interested in working for Bristol’s first female youth record label we would love for you to get involved! For more information please email

Schools Program

We believe in nurturing talent from a young age. For more information about the work we do in our schools program, please contact our Creative Director Laura Lewis-Paul at, or call 0117 204 7191.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hi – I’ve just been pointed in your direction and really love what you’re doing. Unfortunately I doubt I can make it to Bristol tomorrow fro 6pm as I live near Taunton and working til 5pm.
    I’m female a musician, singer, guitarist, I teach singing and whole class music sessions and organise events locally. I’m also very active in promoting Women in music. I’m behind a local Somerset/Devon group Women Making Music – we’re not formalised as yet and we need to decide what we do next. I also have my own project that I launched this summer Women’s Songs of protest and Social Conscience
    I’d love to know more about your work. Are you primarily a Bristol based group?
    Fodo Higginson

    1. Hi Fodo

      It is great to hear about other projects across the UK focusing on women in music that are also starting up, it feels like there is a serious need for this work, which is becoming more and more evident through projects like yourselves and some other projects in Bristol. I feel blessed to have the internet in times like this as it means you feel connected to an extended community and have easier access to one another.

      We are Bristol based as feel it is important to concentrate on the local community, however it may not always be Bristol based as mentioned before, there is a need, so it would be good to connect with other people that have similar beliefs and a focus on women in music in their community. Do you come to bristol often? it would be good to meet up some time.

      Please keep in touch

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