We are on a mission to change the way women are perceived in the music industry, one empowered young woman at a time.

The music industry has a history of exploitation and we are driven to identify which roles females are underrepresented in and aim to break down these stereotypical barriers of gender within the industry. In order to do this we are building a community of musically-minded artists and Creatives and we’d love you to be a part of it!

Our aim is to provide young female musicians with high quality mentoring and artist development with established artists. It is really imperative to normalise seeing women and role models for young women in what have historically been portrayed as male based roles. Mentoring is a really key component to furthering yourself and developing as an artist in a safe and collaborative way.

Saffron Records has a versatile team with varied backgrounds in the music industry, which makes us proficient in being able to appropriately nurture those signed with us. We are looking to sign young women with passion, drive and ambition. We then see it is as our responsibility to truly nurture their creativity and talent that they present to get them to the best ability artistically. With Laura Lewis-Paul as Founder and Creative Director, who also co-founded Temple Records; one of Bristol’s leading record label for young, aspiring musicians in Bristol; our artists are in safe, experienced hands.

We are taking a traditional A&R approach to looking for talented individuals. We are going to schools, colleges, churches and gigs as part of our outreach programme. We also have a digital #SaffronSigns campaign that is reaching out to a wider digital community, which our outreach programme alone may not. Submissions can be taken and auditions requested through our online artist form. It is really exciting to be able to meet the young artists and uncover Bristol’s emerging female talent!

The Bristol music scene is so unique and its underground culture is incredibly exciting for local artists. To see younger generations becoming more involved in this scene would connect and develop Bristol even more so, creating more opportunities for collaboration. Although not our exclusive interests, but it would be really positive to have more DJ’s and music producers that are women as this is a particular area of low statistics, with as low as 2% of women DJing at electronic music festivals.

Saffron Records has built some really key partnerships so far with the Princes Trust, Bristol Plays Music, Boomsatsuma, Plaster Creative and Futureboogie Management, which has really strengthened the work that we do. Bristol is a special city as it has a real willingness and supportiveness for independents and start ups that some other cities are missing. However, to have our own festival stage would be amazing next steps. Love Saves the Day would be a dream as Team Love are real important players in the city and to be able to build a strong partnership would be brilliant.

By sharing and filling out this form and uploading a link to work or requesting an audition at the end of the survey you too can help us discover Bristol’s emerging female talent!

Audition Deadline: 10th December 2015

Digital Deadline: 10th January 2016

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