Saffron Record’s New Home


 Last week was incredibly exciting for Saffron Records as we found our new home – in none other than Bristol’s largest concert hall Colston Hall. It didn’t take long for us to truly appreciate just how fortunate we are to be here; this building is drenched in musical history and is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm, making it an immensely inspiring place to work. And although there’s seemingly constant sunlight streaming through the huge windows – somehow defying the grey skies of Bristol – we find that live performances from the likes of Project Zulu are what really lights Colston Hall up. We’ve discovered there’s no better soundtrack to work along to than a live band performing just feet away – how spoiled we are now!

After settling in, we were straight back to work and our first week at Colston Hall proved to be really full on. Alongside the day to day running of Saffron Records, we have also had the exciting task of interviewing for the roles of our two apprentices. Day one of the interviews, we were joined by Director Kellie Hasbury from Plaster Creative Communications and day two by Annie McIntyre from Futureboogie management. Both ladies were invaluable guides and great help in a process that proved to be an emotional rollercoaster. All the candidates we saw demonstrated brilliantly just how much they wanted these positions, and their passion for music and our vision at Saffron Records was a joy to see. It was a truly difficult decision to make, but we have found two incredible young women who we are delighted to welcome to Saffron Records, and will be introducing to you very soon. I wish all the candidates the best of luck for the future, and we know you’ll be making waves in the music scene in no time!

 It’s clear that this week has taken us on a riotous emotional journey, but all in all we are feeling so lucky and excited to be housed by Colston Hall. Everyone from the Beatles to Ella Fitzgerald to David Bowie have stepped foot in here, and the musical footprints they leave behind are the perfect inspiration for young artists hoping to follow in their steps. Working in this historically charged atmosphere so closely to Bristol Plays Music means that there is a real ease for partnership, and this is exactly how it needs to be. We cannot wait to see what the future holds from here!

 This is as good a time as any to thank our partners and the support they have given us; we are so thrilled to be moving forward with you side by side in the future. Boomsatsuma, Princes Trust, Futureboogie, Bristol Plays Music, Eclectic Lemon, Plaster Creative Communications and CCskills – thank you!

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