Saffron’s 20-Sixteen

With the fresh start to the new year we have so many exciting things upcoming!

Now our #SaffronSigns campaign has came to an end we will be signing three artists to our progressive label. We have an amazing variety of mentors, from Patrons and artists such as Eva Lazarus, Tanya Lacey, Shanti Celeste and Beth Rowley, to industry professionals Jenna Knight and Jess Niell, who we’ll be working with to best nurture the talents of those we sign. With upcoming Saffron Sessions, to live performances and EP releases, make sure to stay tune for the exclusive release of our signed artists. 

The team with Tanya Lacey, a Saffron mentor, at our #SaffronSigns submission recordings

However, during our campaign we realised a lack of music opportunities within the city for young artists to get involved in, particularly the inability to attend many open mic nights based on age restrictions at various venues. As a C.I.C we’re aiming to build up a community of musically-minded artists and Creatives and break down these stereotypical barriers of gender within the industry. One way we are doing this is by creating open mic nights for under 25s in partnership with Temple Records and Mr Wolf’s. In this way we hope to form a safe and engaging environment for young artists to showcase their talents whilst encouraging them to network and collaborate.

In trying to support young female artists, the support we have received has been amazing. One exciting collaboration in particular is the upcoming Sisters of Blues and Soul Festival. Throughout the festival money will be raised towards supporting our mentorship, apprenticeship and schools programmes. Not only is this incredible, but the festival itself embodies everything we want to see. Set up by The Blues and Soul Show to celebrate women’s’ contribution to this area of music, with a large gathering of female fronted bands, it recognises the need for providing platforms that both acknowledge and celebrates the diverse multi-faceted women in the music industry. Already planning your summer? Get yourself, your mates and your nan on it.

We also believe in nurturing talent from a young age and feel it is really important to address these gender inequalities at an early age. Due to this we have also devised a schools programme where we are offering DJing sessions for female students that will run over the course of 6 weeks, with each student creating a track or having a performance opportunity.

For more information about the work we do in our schools or mentor program please contact our Creative Director Laura Lewis-Paul at, or call 0117 204 7191.

We have also recently looked into all we got up to in 2015 in Saffron So Far! Relive those good times with us, tweet us at @saffronrecords

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