Tomorrow’s On The Way

Ibeyi (meaning twins) created such an informative and emotive performance at The Trinity Centre last night, leaving the crowd completely in awe of their beautifully humble and powerful demeanours. They were question-less about the gratitude they have for their mother, who was standing in the crowd. We can only imagine how proud she must be to see her daughters share such curative creations to a mesmerised and engaged audience. They are French-Cuban and add so much depth to their music by including Yoruba traditional song that can captivate the audience so instantly into an ecstatic trance. The duo had hypnotic visuals supporting their unique set up of keyboards, drum samples machines and large traditional drums. When it was our turn to participate their playful connection created a musical playground for the audience, the girls making us feel like we could sing like them for a glimmer of a minute. Their connection as twins enables them to perform in such synchronicity and compose what can only be described as the closest thing to a unified heartbeat.

Ibeyi embody exactly what Saffron Records is aiming to create – from their creative process to their building of community through music, to their profound lyrical content. The pair represent themselves as flawless role models. We wish them the best in everything they do.

We feel if we ever had an anthem this would be it:

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