Jenna Night, Mentor

Jenna Knight

Business Account Director @ Digital Visitor

3 biggest achievements to date

Being part of Team Pegasus, who helped to raise over 100k for CMA (Cardiomyopathy UK) and CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) in memory of a very special friend – check us out!

Being 1 of the 3 individuals at the helm of setting up WMA; a full-service Digital Creative Agency, alongside two very brilliant brothers, Seb & Alex Weller

Being part of the digital team that helped to launch Ella Henderson and her platinum selling No.1 album ‘Chapter One’

Why is it important to help others by mentoring them?

As individuals in the creative industry, I feel that it is our duty to help inspire, nurture and educate the next generation of talent. Everyone needs a mentor, and we should be supporting and encouraging others to strive for what they want to achieve.

Why is it important to support a female youth record label like Saffron?

It’s important because I truly believe in the ethos of what Saffron stands for, and for the attitude that they are trying to manifest in a sometimes challenging and tough industry. I believe in the values and state of mind that they are trying to instil into both their team, and artists alike. We need movements like this to celebrate all the brilliant work that women do in the music industry.

Who is your inspiration?
Oh gosh – lots of people! Artist wise, Sade is one of my celebrated musicians – she is cool, classic, timeless and her music transcends generations. Industry wise, I have met several inspirational females who have been Directors of various marketing departments in record labels, who have always encouraged me to go after what I want to achieve and given me support and belief that I was able to do so and been the standout marketeers in a room full of men!

Who was your first album/single that you bought?
Hmm… I’m not going to sound very cool here, but never mind. I think it was probably Lisa Loeb ‘Stay’ (I Missed You) – that was one of the first ever singles I bought on cassette and would play over and over in my room when I was a teenager. Album wise, I’m pretty sure it was a Boyz II Men album. Saying that, I grew up listening to a lot of the music my parents listened to – especially my mum, who was obsessed with artists like Elton John, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac – some of the greats!

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