Emma Morsi, Freelance Design Consultant


I had been juggling post-student lifestyle as a digital marketing apprentice for Saffron Records as well as taking on invaluable opportunities within Young Arnolfini and Situations Rising. My role has now developed into being a freelance design consultant for the business, working closely with our artists for their new releases. I also produce my digital arts, fashion and music magazine Nocturnal and work freelance as a photographer, journalist and curator.

Very rarely are women given a platform for their talents to speak for themselves, without there being an emphasis on looks and their visual branding. Saffron Records offers up a platform for young female artists to be taken seriously in such a challenging industry. As a digital marketing apprentice I am thrilled to share the remarkable emerging female talent that will be signed to Saffron Records.

Particularly interested in everything, I love to take on new endeavours and currently producing the fifth issue of Nocturnal. I work alongside upcoming artists and music enthusiasts to create music columns and social media feeds. This involves having a strong passion for the music scene across various genres in order to produce relevant music and culture content.

By being part of Young Arnolfini I have worked with international artists and co-lead creative workshops for the Arts Council. I am also currently part of the Situations and Rising Arts Agency’s Situations Rising collaboration as a digital storyteller for the Theaster Gates Sanctum project.

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