Laura Lewis-Paul, Creative Director

I have been working within the creative arts and youth sector for over six years. Working with young people creatively is something that is really exciting for me, each year it becomes more and more evident the need of creative employment and education for or young people. Working with young people constantly inspires me, challenges me and enables me to continually question my values.

Through setting up another youth record label in Bristol,  it became very apparent that the young women wanting to get into the industry were working with were lacking female representation and role models in the music industry. As a mixed gender group we attended gigs, field visits and world renowned recording studios – all of which had a very small percentage of women. I remember the point when it really clicked for me, and I asked the young women how they feel about potentially going into a very male dominant industry. They were very positive young women that replied with the fact they thought it could be used as a positive as then they would get more recognition. This is when I made the decision that something really needed to change.

Saffron Records is the biggest thing I have done in my life to date. I am really happy to be working within such a creative and supportive city, and also working with such an incredible team of young women.


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