Megan India McGurk, PR Intern

I feel really lucky to work for Saffron Records. Everyone who loves music wants to get as close to it as possible. For me this has always meant being a Facilitator (capital F) of music. At university this was producing and presenting live sessions on the infamous Bristol Uni radio, Burst FM! I was also president of the Live Music Society, which meant I got to organise a lot of fun events at our rather dubious union, and much more successfully in the city itself. I’ve interned at local music festival Brisfest, worked at gig spot Mr. Wolfs, and interviewed artists-a-plenty, all because it just feels great to be involved in the Bristol music scene.

Leaving university has been wildly traumatic (all the rumours are true!), but Saffron is an amazing opportunity to get to grips with the music industry in a supportive and fun environment.

 It appealed to me because of its vision to end the gender gap in the industry, in such a peaceful, progressive, and proactive way. Saffron does not spend much time debating the multitude of reasons why the gender gap exists, but it gets on with alleviating the issue.

This attitude is immensely powerful when it comes to handling issues of inequality. Although there is much need for debate and analysis, Saffron taught me how to simply create the alternative that you want to see.

We work every day to promote female artists, to see them for their talent and artistry, and to promote and support them in a tough and male dominated industry. Through our schools programme and apprenticeships, we work for all young women, from girls to school leavers to young adults, giving them the confidence and skills they need to celebrate their full identify and recognise their potential in the working world.

I’m really proud to be part of the Saffron family!


Saffron has helped me develop in so many ways. Just one of these is getting my blog of the ground. Its full of artist interviews, and has a couple of reviews as well, ta da!


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