Saffron Spotlights and The World is Listening / Buddying up and heading to Shambala!

It is a partnership that has been waiting to happen since our mutually recent inception! With Saffron starting in September 2015, and TWiL the year before, we are both fresh on the scene with our joint mission to close the gender gap in the music industry, one empowered woman at a time.

The World Is Listening was born as a response to a statistic published by the Performer’s Rights Society UK, the peeps who collect royalties. The statistic revealed that in 2011 only 14% of their members – composers and songwriters – were women. In the belief that music is not gendered, TWiL ask ‘why?’ As a hub of news, knowledge, and new research, it aims to be an inspiring community where women in music are celebrated and recognised, free to be varied role models for girls and women everywhere, and make up 50% of PRS membership.

Nessi Gomes is one of the incredible acts we’ll be interviewing this weekend

This is so in keeping with what Saffron is all about! Through our school’s program, apprenticeship schemes and artist signings we provide practical avenues in to the music industry for young women aged 16 – 24. We support y oung women in their musical development, create entry level roles into the music industry and provide platforms for artist recognition.

So that’s us! Enter… Shambala!

Among the various acts we will be interviewing is the infectious Gwyneth Herbert

The August Bank Holiday Weekend will see the team sussing out all the best female talent. At this pioneering, intimate and truly innovative festival with over 200 diverse musical acts across 12 live stages, we will be interviewing and reporting on some wonderful female artists. This includes the versatile musical adventurer, Gwyneth Herbert; Bex Berch from the intensely rhythmic Vula Viel; and Dutch recording artist, singer songwriter, mc, producer and actress, Pink Oculus! We want to know everything about these artists’ success, from where they began to how they overcome challenges to deliver music into our eager ears.

We’re so excited to learn from the pros and listen to those up and coming. This is just going to be the best biggest bubble of making friends and sharing stories, and Saffron. seriously. cannot. wait!



Turns out we also managed to grab an interview with Dominie Hooper, enchanting folk singer with rich vocals and emotive lyrics. Check out the interview here, where she explains her transition into a musical career, and her belief that consistent practice is the biggest way to build confidence and overcome obstacles in the industry. Stay tuned for more to come!

PR Intern Megan India McGurk, speaks to Dominie Hooper at Shambala for The World is Listening, BCfm:

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