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Saffron Records are on a mission to change the way women are perceived in the music industry, one empowered woman at a time. With Saffron Spotlights we highlight incredible female talent, asking about their music & methods. We work to close the gap in UK festival lineups, where there is a distinct lack of female artists, increasing female artist’s visibility and creating a community of role models for future generations.

In 2014 the Reading and Leeds Festival poster was edited to remove all-male bands. This revealed only 9 out of nearly 100 acts remained. The lack of female artists begs the questions ‘why?’. Check out the full Telegraph article for more info.


At Saffron Records we believe this gap is due to women’s historical lack of access to music, as well as a lack of recognition for unique and diverse female artists. This history lives on in the lack of role models for future generations. With Saffron for Schools, our apprenticeships and our artist signings, Saffron Records enables young women access to the industry. Meanwhile, Saffron Spotlights highlight female artists to showcase the multitude of talent available to booking agencies, festivals and gigs. We talk to female artists to discover the challenges they face as women in the industry, and to encourage younger generations to take part.

We want girls to be able to see interesting and creative women on stage. Women who have depth in character, who are relatable, who are expressing themselves fully and freely. Women who can be healthy role models, and inspire a generation where music allows everyone a voice.

This summer we have collected loads of interviews from UK festivals, Larmer Tree Festival and Shambala. We spoke to incredible women about their music and how they lead inspiring careers in a male dominated industry. Check these out by following the links!

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